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Welcome to the Brock University Department of Earth Sciences online collection!

This collection includes:
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ERSC/BIOL 3P03 Paleontology

Many of the featured samples have rotatable images like the one one below. These can be turned by clicking and dragging on the image from side to side. 
This one is shows a piece of the Seymchan meteorite which is a pallasite meteorite composed of an iron-nickel metal and iron-rich olivine.

Here is another sample of a feldspathoid with tourmaline.

Interested in chemistry, biology, and physics, but looking for a way to combine them all?
Through Earth Sciences you can become a Geologist or Environmental Geoscientist who applies those subjects with an extensive knowledge of geological processes and concepts to our natural world. One of the great things about the geological and environmental fields is that they allow you to combine your knowledge of seemingly disparate scientific disciplines to further our (humans that is) understanding of our own planet and our neighbouring planets. Some people in geology/environmental science work in labs, some in the field, and many in a combination of both.
You can learn more about options to study here: Brock Department of Earth Sciences