Module 5 - The Search for Life

Life, the Universe and Everything

Life, the Universe and Everything
In this module we will talk to you about Life.  And we will ask some big and important questions and hopefully provide you with some answers.  We may not be able to answer all the important questions and we will certainly stay away from asking the Ultimate Question.  And that is a good thing since we already know that the Ultimate question appears to have the thoroughly unsatisfying answer of 42.

Instead, we will confine ourselves to a more focused questions of "1) What is the likelihood of extraterrestrial life?” and “2) What are the required ingredients and conditions for life?”.   We will briefly deal with the question of intelligent life but spend more time investigating the second question.  The reason for this is simple.  There are many more lifeforms than there are creatures that exhibit intelligence (e.g. Crows, dolphins , your pet dog/cat). This means that the potential to identify places for life to arise (e.g. the back of your fridge) is much, much greater than the potential that we might find intelligence.

In this module we will first examine our search for extraterrestrial intelligent life, and then go on to examine what it takes to be alive and where we might find lifeforms within the solar system

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